Got rid of my Fios DVR


I am cutting household costs. I have the lowest tier of TV with Fios. I did an online chat with a helpful rep. He understood exactly what I wanted to do. Of course he needed to try to retain me. That is their job. I get that. He had be go to the Fios web page and input a certain order of channel package and internet speed. Verizon has this no contract, build your own package tool on line. I have to admit the guy was on the ball. The deal was a huge TV package plus the highest speed internet for one dollar less than my minimal TV package and good internet.

BUT...I was after cost cutting and getting rid of the DVR saved me $6 v $1:rolleyes:. I know-not much savings but it was the principle of the thing. Goal: reduce $ out. Offer: Save $1 or save $6. I went with the $6. Why?

I rarely used the DVR.
I am applying the concept of NOT spending even small amounts of $ on things I do not need or rarely use.
I can always upgrade later.

I got my regular Fios box within a day since the local supply building was in the region. I had to pay $20 for the return of the DVR. I could not avoid it.

I do miss the illuminated clock on the DVR but so what. I have a phone and time is displayed on the menu.

Just can be done. And I was happy the rep did not try to up-sell me. I always thought that was idiotic when someone wants to cut costs.

I had to play around with the box's set-up features. The picture was surrounded by black bands on all sides. I can't remember what I did but it was nothing obvious like letterbox or 16.9.