Greetings from Canada



Hope you don't mind a member from the frozen North joining, but we here are affected by the DTV conversion in the U.S. this month too

Here's my question, I live in Toronto and my building has an MATV system.

I already have a DTV box and just wondering how it will work with MATV.

We get our stations from Buffalo and Rochester and points in between.

With my Insignia DTV box and a UHF loop in my apartment, I've actually been able to get one station from Buffalo when the weather is right.

So far, I've seen nothing on Google with regards to DTV boxes and MATV systems. I'm sure there must be hundreds of thousands of systems like this in the U.S and wonder how they are coping.

Can someone shed some light as if my box works, I will be a test case here.

Thanks for having me on board


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Hey man, you've joined quite a wonderful forum here. I hope you enjoy your stay, it's been very nice for me hearing from other people's perspectives and yeah.. it's just cool. I'm also from Canada, mainly from the Yukon Territories, where most people don't have computers.. and yeah, it's cold up here.. brrrrrrRR.


Yukon, yikes that is cold.

Funny, my partner and I want to go north. We've discussed going to the Arctic Circle sometime.

We'll start by heading to Moosonee at some point.

No internet up there?? I'm surprized Bell isn't up there

Jason Fritz

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Greetings from AZ

Welcome to the forum. Am thinking of you in the cold and empathize as I am originally from the Midwest. I'm sure the winters I endured in IL were nothing like the ones in the Yukon. I have been enjoying AZ for many years now. I do love this time of year... the days are warm and the nights are still cool. I'll keep you updated when summer is here and the Monsoon storms blow through. :p


Welcome, pmartel!!

Sure Canadians are welcome here! :D

Why not?

I'm freezing my A** off too here in the NorthEast!

It's 8 degree's F right now. Brrr !!

I hope you get your TV DTV figured out!