GritTV new to Houston, TX

You'll enjoy it. We get it on 50.3 in my area (northeast Alabama). Lots of older western, action & adventure. They will have weekly blocks of movies featuring a particular actor like This week it has been Audie Murphy.


I love an old but quality western every now and then! Action and adventure add to the overall versatility of GritTV, but I think western is what attracts more viewers. Television with Backbone, it is!Audie Murphy is great, too, especially at No Name on the Bullet!


Is 67.3 still in Houston Area?

I was watching it and about 1 month (1st of December 2015) I lost the signal. Is it still broadcasting?


They had some very good movies from 7 to 11 central time, until they replaced it with the TX Ranger 7 DAYS a week , enough get those great movie back ON.


Wht happen Grit ch off was watching Three Violent People and ch went on ad has not came bck on..3/15/2017
If the channel is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting...they probably removed it to add their new and dreadful TBD network. It's been happening all over the U.S.A. with Sinclair owned and operated stations and it happened here in Dayton, Ohio. Thing is, apparently enough people complained to the local Dayton channel that carried Grit that they took TBD off and put Grit back on less than 2 weeks after dropping it.

Let your local channel know that you want Grit TV back on.

Jesus Juarez

Enjoy watching grit tv.I like the western movies and would like for you to start broadcasting them again.I know several people who feel the same way i do

Laura Sparks

I enjoy watching the old Westers and I know you have to advertise to keep going BUT could you please find something else besides this darn Medicare stuff. Us old folks do not need to be reminded 20 times in an hours program. Thanks for your consideration.