hardest game to play on the 360 or the ps3?


Which game have you found hard to play or really irritated with? me personally it was the resident Evil series, Not really hard per say just really annoying
For me personally, I am not good at shooter games. The reason for this is that I have a hard time controlling where the gun is aiming when I have to use a toggle stick. I do better at shooter games on the wii where I just aim with my arm and the controller like a real gun. So 360 games like Halo are very hard for me but I was really good at games like Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on the wii.
Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 are the two most esoteric and difficult games to find success in. I don't care for either one because i'm not into fantasy as much as sci-fi.


I think that shooters are generally annoying when played with a controller... Almost all of them, it's difficult to set good controls
I kinda like shooters they arent that hard but they are annoying if you dont have a way of paying attention to where your getting shot from


Some games have stupid difficulty settings if we're including that. Personally, Mass Effect 3 with the difficulty setting of Insane was quite hard. There were a few missions that I did so many times that I had enemy spawn locations memorized and instinctive reactions of what would work and what wouldn't second by second.


I like what you're saying about Mass Effect 3... I have it for PC, but I've also got an X360 controller. I kinda dropped ME3 somewhere in the middle because I had no time right after it came out, I don't remember what was happening... But I might start again, with a controller this time.


Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are absolutely the most difficult games I 've played on the PS3.

They're not cheap though, they're actually very fair but they are very strict to when it comes to punishing the player for his mistakes.


I have been trying to advance in ZUMA on the 360. It is a simple game but very tough to beat at level 8. I have been trying for five years. Since it is not a shooter of fantasy, no one really cares about it. No info on line.


ZUMA can be really difficult, I see what you are saying James! I have played with friends on 360, since I do not own one myself. Just PS3 and now tempted to proceed with PS4.


I am a PC gamer. Or I was. I really liked Halo on my PC. I could shoot for hours. I never played the traditional game. I did those on-line games where you could type while playing. I guess everyone's eyes are rolling. I loved driving the hog and running over people. Those weird hacks. Tanks! Boom!
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