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Hello all:

i was hoping someone on here would be able to recommend an ideal antenna. We have finally decided that we are done with pricey cable bills.... Thank you in advance! Here is a link to a TV Fool report...
TV Fool
While not the greatest TV Fool report I've ever seen. Most of the major network signals are 2 Edge and over 60 miles. I would recommend a very high gain UHF yagi, or 8 bay antenna aimed at about 253 degrees. With 2 Edge signals antenna placement will be critical. Be prepared to experiment with location signals do not arrive where we choose to place the antenna. There are several choices that come to mind depending upon you budget. On the low budget side.
MCM Electronics sell the Stellar Labs antennas.
Stellar Labs HDTV 80 Mile Deep Fringe Bowtie Television Antenna | 30-2430 (302430) | Stellar Labs
Stellar Labs HDTV 70 Mile Deep Fringe Yagi Television Antenna | 30-2415 (302415) | Stellar Labs
On the high end side Antennas Direct. Antennas Direct offers good after the sale support, and warranty.
If you have near by blockage from trees, or buildings reception of signals from that far away might not be possible.
I did notice the VHF PBS signal, but adding that one would really complicate things.



Thanks for the reply, I had spoke with Antenna Direct and the recommended the DB8e. Would that be your choice as well? I am not as concerned with the cost difference, as either option is still cheaper than my monthly subscription. I will have a clear shot and i plan on placing at least 20' high.


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Re-run your TVFool Chart, and after you enter your address info, scroll down on that page, an enter the Antenna height (20').
(you didn't do that last time) It may make some difference.
Of course they recommended the the DB8e it's their highest priced antenna. The sales, and marketing people at Antennas Direct would recommend that antenna even if one of your distant major broadcast signals was high, or low VHF. The DB8e is not a VHF antenna, and is very unlikely to receive distant VHF signals, but they would probably still recommend it. While I give Antenna Direct credit for the things they are doing right. I can also be very critical of their some what deceptive marketing practices. An example of this is the statement " The DB8e Ultra Long Range UHF antenna is the most powerful HDTV antenna in the world." The DB8e is not designed to receive VHF HDTV signals most television market places have one or more signals on High VHF, and a few places Low VHF. In many locations the DB8e will not receive VHF signals. In your location you have one PBS signal that is high VHF adding it will complicate the situation. Everything else is UHF at your location.
Would I buy a DB8e? No. It is far too high priced for my taste.
Your major network signals are 2 Edge at over 60 miles under those conditions I consider reception to be an experiment that may take some time to work out. Under those condition there is no guarantee of success. Some have done great working with those conditions at some locations. Others never do get reception problems worked out.
What would I do? I'd buy the cheapest, biggest UHF yagi I could find and start chasing signals. I'm an old radio operator. I would probably put a lot of time into researching the real world signal situation before investing a lot of money in an expensive antenna.
A low cost preamp is not a bad idea in your situation.
The advantage the DB8e has over other UHF antennas is that it has been designed for the current US channels 14-51 other UHF antennas are designed for 14-69 for use in other countries.
Let us know how it works out.


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My favorite indoor digital antenna is the Viewtv Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna. I've heard good things about RC too.

And if you decide you miss live TV, try some apps on Roku. That's how I watch live news (via the Sky news app on Roku).

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