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I officially cut the cord this last weekend after the cable bill hit $100 monthly. Feels good to finally have some control as to what I watch and when I watch it! Looking for some input/help so I can make this transition a little easier on my fiancé who is already complaining that it's to complicated.

Here is my current setup:

* Macbook Pro hooked up to main t.v. with HDMI Cord
* Hulu Plus and Netflix account
* Safari Bookmark folder with lots of "channels" of streaming for her to easily get to.
* Logitech Harmony One to get everything to the correct settings easily for her
* Playstation III for bluray/dvd

I am considering buying a Mac Mini to permanently hook up so that I can have a dedicated system, tidy things up, and add ability to use external drives.

Here is the equipment I have that I am not currently utilizing for this project:
*Logitech Google TV

Ultimately, I would like to accomplish the following:
* Storage and playing of DVD's, music, and Bluray
* Ease of access and use for her
* Possibly OTA channels

Where I need help is in hardware and software suggestions. Are there any complications from streaming hd movies from an external hard drive via usb? Is there a software solution that would tie everything, or most everything together seamlessly? I gave up on my logitech google tv as it was slow and buggy. Thank you for any input!
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