Help with directv bundle.



So I went ahead an got the directv bundle for under $100 as advertised. The directv installer comes in and does his job. the next day the internet/phone service provider Viasat installs the Internet but tells me that the area I live in does not allow phone service. I recieve the bill, I am charged $86 per month for directv and Viasat is charging $60 a month for Internet with NO phone.

I tried cancelling directv and viasat but they have those grimy cancelation fees that i am unwilling to pay. They are charging me more than was advertised With NO phone service. They didn't explain any of the charges when I signed up, and I signed up for 3 services but ended up getting only 2. I am beyond pissed and I just want this to be over with.

What am I to do? I am lost and need help.


Trying filing a complaint with the state dept. of Consumer Affairs or state attorney generals comsumer protection office, also file with the federal Trade Commission and the FCC. Some states have a State Utility regulation commission. Some cities and counties have their own local office of comsumer complaints. I would try these after fighting Direct TV and the phone company. Start by writing letters to the company CEO about your complaint hopefully they will designate someone to resolve your complaint. Good luck . . . .
I would definitely try contacting DirecTV and fighting with them. I like them but I didn't like the fact that they failed to tell me about satellite internet and all the ins and outs with that. The technician filled me in when he got to our house to install the internet and by then it was too late to cancel. We are switching internet providers.

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