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I purchased 2 of these converters and I am sure they will be fine if I ever figure out what to do with them!!!

I have read the connection questions on the forum but none seem to duplicate what I am dealing with. I am wanting to connect the converter, tv, vhs and dvd player.

My tv is less than 15 years old but only has the antenna/coaxial input. No AV inputs. My DVD player has no coaxial ports and is set up with a RF modulator. I have a 4 way splitter. Does it have to be 2 way? If possible, a very detailed installation description is what I need. I'm beginning to think I should have just gotten a new tv but mine is only 7.

Thanks for any help.

Jason Fritz

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Hi Bobbi,
Lets start off with the RF modulator. Is it built into the TV or is it external? Does it look something like this?

You can use the 4 way splitter with your setup, but before we can suggest a connection set up, we'll need to know if the splitter already connected? If it is, what is connected to it?


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The splitter is not connected to anything. I just have it. The RF Modulator is external and has the 3 av plugs, yellow, red and white plus coax antenna in and out to tv and a switch to set it on channel 3 or 4. TERK brand.


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Bobbi, your 4 way splitter is all RF/Coax connections, right? Here's how I think you're going to have to connect everything.

1. Connect the DVD player to the RCA connections of the RF modulator. Run the output of the modulator by RF to one of the four inputs of the splitter.

2. Connect the VHS (VCR) player by RF/Coax to the second input of the splitter. Output from VCR to second input of splitter.

3. Connect Converter box to third input of spitter by RF/Coax. Connect an anntena to the input RF/coax of the converter box.

4. Connect the output of the 4 way splitter to the inut of the TV by RF/Coax.

At this point you should be able to watch each of the inputs (VHS, DVD, and Converter Box). You won't be able to watch regular televsion with the VCR since it doesn't have it's own built in digital tuner, so I'm assuming you want to connect it for viewing VCR tapes. Is this the setup you're looking for?
might work

if your vcr has an antenna in and out run your antenna to the converter box, to tv to antenna on vcr and antenna out to the tv. connect the dvd by rca cables from the converter box if it has them see if that will work that is how I hook my vcr and dvr into the mix. but the rca has the rca connections as well as coax.


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That just about did it. Thanks.

My daughter mentioned that I was having this problem to her Dad and he called and told me how to do it. Sometimes the x is good to have around.

Antenna, in my case, rabbit ears, to the in on the converter, coax out from converter to in on VCR. Coax out of VCR to in on RF Modulator. Coax out from Modulator to TV. RF connections (red, yellow, white) between DVD player and RF Modulator.

Great picture, I can watch DVD's and tapes and record while having VRC on channel 3 and the TV set to the channel I want to record.

Thank you to all who provided input. I hope this might help someone else out there.

Heads up. The battery that came with the converter for the remote was dead and I couldn't do anything with the set up without the remote and thought I didn't have it hooked up right. Make sure you have a spare battery just in case.

Thanks again.

Great now that you have that fixed, the next step is the big honking antenna to pull in all the stuff you can get, it's a bug like Radio and Computers you just gotta see how far you can push it.:)


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Ha Ha, that's funny. My rabbit ears get all the channels I did get and a bunch more that I can't understand since I don't speak Spanish. I also get some weather channels associated with the syndicates that I didn't know existed. That's way more channels than I need. I'm one of those people who really don't like TV and only watch 3 shows and the news. Having to do this upgrade was not my idea of a good time. I had considered just not having a tv for anything except viewing movies. I can get all the news I need off my computer. :p

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