Hi-Def TV Choice


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I am planning on upgrading to HDTV from my small and old TV that I currently have. I was hoping to find one for under $1000. Does anyone have any suggestions on make or model? Or, should I just go to Wal-mart?


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I was actually looking at the same sort of dealer earlier today and i'm looking to upgrade my TV. Have you seen the 50" DLP Toshiba? They are selling those for like $900.


First thing we need to know is how far is it from where your eyes are, when you sit watching television, to the wall behind where the television will go. That will help determine how big the television should be. Some folks are buying 42" televisions when they really "need" 55" televisions, while others are buying 50" televisions when they should be looking at 36" televisions.

Second, how bright/dark is the room when you are watching television? That will affect the choice of which television technology you should be considering.

Let's start with that...


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I had no idea there were so many different variables to consider. I'll have to get out a measuring tape to figure out distance, but the room itself is somewhat bright. There is a pretty big window, though the blinds I have do a great job of keeping light out.