His limp...

Does anyone else get bothered by the limp of House on the show? I really wonder what the show would be like if House did not limp as he walked all over the hospital.


I never really understood this either. Maybe this is something that he had in real life, or just something the directors thought would be a good idea to add into the show. I could be wrong though.


Not real. Just for the show. Remember when he didn't have to use the cane? Only one and a half episodes or so.

One of the greatest episodes in my opinion is when he had to lecture a class. Started out with just a handful of students and he was talking about three individuals with "problems". Every time that he talked about them they ended up being Carmen Electra! Come to find out one of the patients was actually him and he filled the room with students.


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I think that limp is one of the most random things someone could throw into a show. Who would come up with the concept to have a very successful doctor struggle while walking down the hall, or trying to run.


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The limp is important to the character's persona. This infirmity is a physical manifestation of the pain that the character is constantly in, regardless of whether the pain is physically real or all in his head. (Notice all the pain meds he keeps taking?.)

BTW...heaven forbid that all of the characters are not perfect physical specimens...in the real world there are people with disabilities that show for the whole world to see.
Plus to those with a sense of Karmic justice...they might find it the universe's payback for House being such a jerk.
If Dr. House wasn't limp it would take away many good qualities of the show, since I've seen him make fun of people and getting away with it by making an excuse that he is handicapped. lol


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Does anyone else get bothered by the limp of House on the show? I really wonder what the show would be like if House did not limp as he walked all over the hospital.
:becky:well..i guess aside from being strict and smart it contributes this limping thing on him..


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He had an infarction in his leg... blood couldn't come to his muscle for few days, so the muscle died... and that's the reason of his limping...
There's a whole reason behind the limp without the limp House wouldn't be how he is...when he's angry at the world..etc. Without the limp the show would've gone no where.
The Limp is totally not authentic in reality. Dr. Gregory House, not Hughe Laurie, had a muscle problem on his leg or something years back. You have to watch previous episodes to get it, if you havent watched them.


It adds to him. Having something that makes him stand out makes you watch him closer than the others. He is a complete Asshole with a capital-A though, but still a bloody brilliant doctor.

I need to watch that more often. I spend too much time on Law and Order.


I think House got a really bad infection and they had to severe some important muscles of his leg and that's why he is limping now. If my memories are right...


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I like the limp. It brings him down to earth - makes him real. It isn't easy to look at, but neither is some of the other gore they show on that program. I like how House is Sherlock Holmes with a limp. The limp puts the show in context and adds a little bit of pathos. It makes you believe that somewhere under his jerky persona, there is someone who is actually trying to prevent bad things (like what happeneded to him) from happening to others.
Well, if i am not wrong, it is all part of the storyline. He had an accident and his leg was injured, causing him to limp. Which could explain (more or less) him popping painkillers and the persona of his character in the show.
I feel that the limp is actually a very important part of the character House, as despite all his many successes he still struggles with pain himself. You would probably think that a character as brilliant as House would find a cure for his problems, yet he has not...and I honestly think it's better that way.