HITZ subscription for digital premier?



I have X1 Digital Premier Triple play service and was trying to access HITZ to see what was available and it said I needed to subscribe to the service. My understanding is that, to quote Comcast, "We are excited to introduce Hitz, a new commercial-free on-demand movie service available as part of Xfinity Premier, Super and certain other TV packages. Hitz features more than 200 movies and is included with these packages at no additional cost. Hitz has also replaced Cinemax and its associated channels."

What gives?

Not that I am looking forward to trading Cinemax for HITZ, I would rather they have kept it like it was,

Also, when you go online to see what's on HITZ, they show hundreds of movies in different categories, but if you look closely you will see that they include the same movies

in two or three categories, making it look like they have more movies than they actually do. ( Miami Blues is listed in the Comedy, Drama, Action, and Thriller categories!)

Also, Hitz is shown on the guide as channels 321, 324, and 329 with listing in time slots like regular channel listings, strange for an On Demand channel.

But back to my original problem, how do I access HITZ without subscribing as I am supposed to get it free with my package?

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