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A couple years ago I saw a reality show about three or four families that took on the challenge of living off the land in Montana, like they were in the 1800s. I only saw the first couple episodes and I would like to see the rest--does anyone know the name of it?


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Sure it was PBS Heather? Also sometimes PBS shows are local, regional or just in that state.

Jay the admin here was telling us about a great series on Arizona, with web links to get a taste. What I saw was great! But alas.... It was only aired in Arizona PBS.....

I know we have some good stuff that is only shown here in Florida on the Florida Channel, which is a very minor network out of WFSU in Tallahassee, FL. They about have to beg local PBS to show some of their stuff on the weekends. During the week they do like a C-SPAN of the Florida Legislature. But on the weekends they have good agriculture, and science shows about stuff around Florida, I know would be interesting to people around the nation. But as far as I know it's not shown outside Florida.

This is true in a lot of states. Because I live close to GA, and see their stuff on tropo skip now and then, they have their own networks for PBS in Georgia. And from Jay, AZ has their own local networks.

so not telling! but if it was done by PBS it would have been a REAL reality show!
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