Horrible Service... Hire Better Techs - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Horrible Service... Hire Better Techs", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I noticed issues with my cable TV service and Internet Service on a Tuesday. I called and the CSR scheduled a tech for Saturday. The tech came out worked on the cable line and next thing we know there are sparks flying in our living room and flames coming out of our outlet. After unplugging the electronics, the tech told us there were electrical issues with our house and could not complete the job. I called an electrician immediately after and had him come over within a few hours. The electrician did a thorough check and determined there was no issue. I call Spectrum back 3x and they told me the tech would return to complete the job. Tech never came back. I called Spectrum for the 4th time Saturday, they said the tech would return Sunday morning. They called me Sunday morning to schedule an appointment for Monday. I have been with TWC over 10years this experience is making me consider another service.

Horrible Service... Hire Better Techs?