Hot Deal on a DVD Player - $33 at Amazon for Amazon Prime Members

The Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player is a simple, entry-level CD/DVD player and for $33.00 at with a Amazon Prime membership, it's a great deal for anyone needing a non-Blu-ray player in 2014.

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It works well and is designed to play a wide range of the most common disks- DVD, DVD-R, CD, CD-R, and DVD+R.

The player is equipped with parental controls that you can adjust to various levels and setting. One of the options for parents is the option to block any CD or DVD with a certain rating, so you can easily keep your kids from watching PG-13 or R rated movies in the player.

This Sony DVD player comes with the red, white, and yellow A/V Cables. It also includes the remote control with batteries and a user’s manual.

This system is very lightweight. It measures in at 10.5"W x 8"D x 1.5"H and has a 56" long power cord.

It also has the following hook up options: Component Video, Standard Video, and Standard Audio, as well as an Orange Digital Out Coaxial port.

When first turning on the system it only takes a few seconds to turn on and open the disk tray. It reads disks smoothly and has great response to stop, pause, and scene searching. The remote is easy to handle but is not illuminated.

This is a great DVD player for anyone who enjoys family movie night or who has kids who like to watch a movie now and then. It is very basic with no frills but it gets the job done and plays most disks with no problems.
This a good price for what the product offers. The last time I purchased a DVD player this is about how much I paid. The only difference is the player was not a Sony. It was actually an off brand but it worked well. If I were to buy another one this would be a first choice.

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