How do I fix a broken HDMI connector?


Thanks for reminding me to get some pictures up.

And thanks, Don for the help! We all delight in a timely answer!

When it comes to HDMI cables, I have have come across two variations in design.

On shorter cables, there is nothing but the slender cable between the connectors. Pic 1

On longer cables there is a rubber covered, metal cylinder about an inch back from the connector.

To determine the best replacement end:

1. Buy an HDMI cable from the same manufacturer, if possible (to eliminate having to ID the wires if colors don't match.)

2. Buy the shortest cable that matches yours. (Cut it in two making for two replacement ends. (Save one for later.)

I've posted pics of the repair and the following links are the accepted "fix".


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Is it better to use a UY or UR splice connector? Or does it not really matter? Thank you for the post by the way...if I can get this to work then you are a life saver!

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