How do I get some American tech support???



For about a week, my picture has been freezing and pixelating on a regular basis. There are 2 cables coming into the house. One services the bedroom, the other services the rest of the house. This problem is occurring on all tv's. Regularly getting the message "we're having some problems - restart all boxes." When I restart the boxes it says it's in the middle of a household update - every time. Have called tech support twice...of course, both times talked to someone in India & could only understand about half of what they said. The first time, they said they would send someone out to check the signal. That never happened. The second time, I was assured the problem was fixed. It's not. Also tried chatting with agent, with no results. I've lived in this townhouse for many years and, historically, when a technician works on a neighbor's service, they often do something that reduces my signal & requires service. How do I get someone to address this who doesn't use a script? I'm ready to cancel my service.

"How do I get some American tech support???," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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