How do you turn Primetime Anytime off?


You can do it within the settings option in the Hopper menu.

Select DVR Defaults within the settings screen which will bring you to the Primetime Anytime logo, select the logo to continue. After that, it'll bring you to the enable or disable of primetime anytime (also known as PTAT).

It's pretty easy to do, just hard to find. ;)


I have followed all the steps to delete PTAT yet it is still on. I even called and spoke to a representative (in India) who had me delete all my series timers with no results. He finally said it couldn't be done until non prime time hours. (12 noon - 8PM or 12 midnight to 8 AM.). I have waited until the proscribed hours and am still unable to delete PTAT. It is screwing with my other recordings because it counts as 1 of 3 allowed program recordings. I did turn off all the days and all the hours In the PTAT schedule but I still have one primetime channel that continues to record. PO'ed and need help!