How good is the SurfBoard SB6141?



I'm looking for a docsis 3.0 modem and the ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 seems like a good fit. Just wondering if anyone has purchased a SB6141 and if you're happy with the performance?
An old thread but still, I think it would be helpful for another person looking for a solution.
SB6141 modem is pretty old now. I mean, it was good back then, but not now.

The one good cable modem you can buy nowadays is Netgear CM600. Found its review on another site and posting it here (hope it helps):

Every time Netgear bring something new into the market, we are generally excited because we have been reviewing and using their products for ages now. Their routers are some of the finest we have seen, and used. As for today, we’re not looking at a router, but a cable modem from the Netgear named the CM600.

While the naming scheme maybe confusing considering how many products by the CM600 name are available in the market, the modem is actually really, really good. It follows a very simple design language that has been a staple with Netgear in the past, and while it may seem a bit too old fashioned to some, we actually really like it.

Performance side of things remained as impressive as always, the modem comes with a 24x8 configuration, meaning that you will be getting a maximum downstream of 960 Mbps, but do keep in mind that having an internet so fast is not really that easy.

We can only say that as far as our internet was concerned, the performance remained amazing and consistent with the download and upload speeds being as consistent, and maxed out as our internet actually offered.

The setting up procedure is a breeze, and there are no complicated things to look out for, Netgear’s done a fantastic job in designing this modem, and everything feels right.

Overall, there’s no denying that Netgear has done a great job at creating this modem, and even though it’s way ahead of its time, it still offers a lot of features with enough future proofing to keep everyone happy for the foreseeable future.

Excellent throughput.
Amazing build quality.
Easy to use, intuitive setup.
Compatible with almost all the ISPs.

Don't have any particular flaw.


Ariss' SB6183 and the new DOCIS 3.1 SB8200 are both excellent modems. Avoid the SB6190 and any other make of modem with Intel's Puma 6 chip.