How is the service?

How is the satelite service where you live overall? I'm in South Florida and I have no complaints about the service other than during hurricanes and strong storms, but that can be expected.


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I have been happy with the service I got,with the exceptions of their ability to get their billing right.I found myself having to keep a log to have proof of what I have purchased and paid as well as all my receipts.


The cable network is very efficient in my town too. Earlier there used to be some laxity but now the operators are quite professional. Any kind of complaint is attended with immediate effect.
Direct TV

I found Direct TV to have many pros and some cons. Direct TV gives you more for your money; for instance, if you subscribe to HBO you receive the whole series of channels. The only negative is that if the weather is bad it is always searching for satellite signal. That can be aggravating; especially if your favorite show it on.:mad:


I have the same problem. I love my Direct TV. But, it is frustrating to be watching a program live or recorded and have it cut out during the highlight of the show. But, I also had this trouble with cable. Except when I had cable, my service might be out for days. At least with my satellite service, it is only interrupted for a few minutes, but no more than half an hour.
I really hate the fact that heavy rain or storms take out the satellite reception. It really is scary when we have tornado warnings and cannot get the TV to work! I bought a weather radio due to this as it is too dicey with the weather we have not to have something to alert us when the weather is bad!

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