How long before Blu-ray is discontinued?


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Anyone think the death of Blu-ray is near? How many more years do you think it'll survive?

I'm under the impression that online streaming and downloading to computers and devices is going to do-away with disc format in general.
I think Blu-ray will continue to be the format of choice for many videophiles. It remains to be seen if that will be enough to sustain it as a viable product. Absolutely nothing looks better on my Panasonic plasma TV than Blu-ray DVDs.


Yeah, I think we're a long way off from seeing Blu-ray go away. Most of the stuff on Netflix is low quality HD or standard digital too, it has a long way to go.


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There was one thing that put Blu-ray over the top of the High Def format. It'll also put it over streaming too.

Wait, lets not get out of hand here lol. 1080p is much better than the standard format that Netflix broadcasts but that's not going to put Blu-ray "over the top" of streaming TV by itself.
Streaming doesn't even come close to delivering the audio/video slam that Blu-ray has to offer. New technology has already been developed that offers an incredible 128 gb of storage space on a single disc. I think Blu-ray will be around for quite a while.


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Blu-Ray might stick around. I don't really see it ending soon. However, I don't use it and I have no plans to either. I know I'm not alone in that, so who knows.


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Streaming delivers convenience. Discs deliver quality.

I don't think that physical media will go away soon.

People who want BD to go away are usually blind followers of the Church of Jobs. Steve says BD is a "bag of hurt?" Hallelujah. BD must die.


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Steve doesn't like any storage media. He just wants you to buy his products, use iTunes or the app store to fill it up, and buy another Apple product with larger storage when it's full. Profit for Apple at each step.


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Exactly. Also, storing streaming media on their server lets them change the license terms as they please. Streaming here today, gone tomorrow. If you buy a disc you own it until it can't be read anymore.
I don't see blu-ray going away anytime soon. The fact that one can always have their favorite movies right there at their fingertips and to watch anytime as opposed to streaming which would require some sort of internet connection, which some people may not always have.


I personally do not think that blu-ray will ever actually go away. But if it does, they better make something better, because my husband is all about blu-ray. I honestly do not really see a difference in regular dvd and blu-ray... That might also be because I just either 1. don't care (they are movies that play) or 2. My being able to tell the difference just sucks LOL. If I like that movie I like it anyway I can watch it. But I am really not a movie type person. More book. Which I find really funny now that I am older. because my mother was so happy when I learned how to read. But a few years later my mom was not happy anymore. I constantly was reading... I personally would be just thrilled if my kids would read like I do. Considering they would 1. basically read anything you give them, which in turn makes them little sponges for information. And 2. They would be able to relax for once! LOL. But I have a ways to go with my kids. Not so much with my 5 year old, because she wants to actually read. But I have a 2 year old who obviously is not ready to learn to read. Now I just have to figure out a way to teach her to read. But I haven't actually figured out what suites her just yet.
I think the Bluray will be here until a better physical media comes along, but I don't see the tv industry going completely digital. Personally, we stream or download a lot of movies/tv shows as opposed to buying the physical copies, but if we really love a show or movie, we "collect" it. I have a nice sized portable hard drive filled with movies and older tv shows that I need to get around to watching, or movies that we thought were alright but that we didn't LOVE. Compared to dvds, Bluray discs carry higher picture/sound quality, hold more material on one disc, and are FAR more durable. My 3yo has put some of her Disney Blurays through every torture you can imagine and they still play perfectly, no scratches or skipping. Her dvds simply arent as durable and will scratch just from playing them in her portable DVD player in the car.
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