How many analog channels do you still get?


How many low power analog TV stations do you still get?
Is there anything worth watching on the ones you do get?

We only get one, basically a ground repeater for satellite channel Trinity Broadcasting Network. I doubt that anyone watches it.


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One, W29AB. And it's finally been schduled to be flash cut to digital, but the idiots are going to run 517 watts, and on a directional antenna which will cut it's power from 25KW Peak ERP analog to, get this...... 25 watts ERP directed to my house.

I can kiss that station good bye. But not until I give their chief engineer a piece of my mind. He is on vacation this week and should be back next.

I think my opening statement will be hello, what the help where you thinking? Even 517 watts ERP in the favored direction will require an outside antenna at a mile from the tower! Are you serious? then let him respond.


Down to two analog channels now.

There's WWRD channel 32 which shows infomercials and gospel music and there was a WRCX channel 40 which was an Ion station.

The Ion station disappeared
about the time WHIO channel 7 finished work on their antenna a few weeks or a month back. Apparently both stations shared the same tower. No idea what's up with that.

Now we have a new one on analog 22 which is the same channel WKEF occupied before the digital switch. That one airs the ThisTV network but I'm not sure if it's WKEF or WRGT broadcasting it. WRGT has it on digital but both WRGT and WKEF are owned by the same company.

Seems odd finding ThisTV on an analog channel but there it is.

According to TV Fool, analog 41 is WYYW-LP apparently America One's Translator sadly(according to wikipedia). that's WTSN-LD's translator. There's a few left according to it though. probably all translators.
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We have four, but should have five:

• TV Azteca. Our ABC affiliate owns the station, and also runs it on a subchannel.

• Telemundo, despite the fact that a full-power digital broadcasts the same thing on its main channel.

• Home Shopping Network, which has been up and running on a digital subchannel for nearly three months and despite a continuous crawl stating the analog operation is to be shut down Aug. 18. :dizzy:

• Trinity Broadcasting, also a duplicate of a full-power digital station.

• KQDK-CA, a bankrupt station whose signal has been MIA for more than three weeks as verified by several posters on the AVS local reception forum; also, it's less than four miles away and licensed for 35 kW.


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Like DTVUser2009, I can get channel 41, which is indeed WYYW-LP. Not much on there worth watching unless you're into foreign sports.

Also, I can get W38BK (channel 38), which is a TBN translator.

Sometimes I can get channel 17, which is WAZE's UHF LP translator. But not regularly like the other two.
I get WAZE in digital but not analog at all. digital is about 4-5 bars, enough to watch Friends or another show but since i get the same lineup on WBKO which is perfect at around 80-90% i just watch their CW instead. same shows same thing. same promo for 'A Beautiful Life' showing near the logo. so either WAZE picked up the CW's national feed (which explains why the 'new' show is on their channel, too) or the CWs around here are all the same thing.

I've become so spoiled by DTV's clear satellite-style picture that even thinking of using analog as a 'easy way out' to get a channel and then having to watch it all staticy and all i just can't.

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