How many hours do you watch Television per week?

Considering that it's rather obvious that we all watch television at least a little bit, I was just wondering how many hours you think you put into watching television on an average week. Do you have any idea, if you had to guess?

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It mainly depends on the day of the week: we watch very little TV when there is good weather here (yes, Seattle has some good days) perhaps two hours (average) per day but during the Autumn and Winter we are glued to NFL Football. When NASCAR is racing on Road Courses that's a must-see as well. Fox News Sunday is our breakfast menu followed by MHZ World News. Of course, we can't miss Fringe or House!
To be completely honest, I probably don't watch more than 5-6 hours of Television a week these days, unless it's Baseball season...and then my total hours increase by quite a lot, up to maybe like 15-20 hours a week. There just aren't that many shows that I enjoy watching anymore, but I do try to watch the shows I like at least.
When I was younger, I probably watched the most television during the summer since I was free from school, and was never the most social of sorts, so I never really went to that many places outdoors. During school days the rest of the year, I probably averaged about an hour/an hour and a half per day, depending on what was on.

The older I get, it seems the less television that I actually want to watch anymore.
I watch TV about three hours in the evening but I
also spend a few hours every day on my computer and I
have a TV above my monitor. Right now, I am watching
60 minutes, reading this forum, and typing this post.

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That's what I call multi-tasking. My Monitor is sitting next to a 13" TV and I often do the same, but I didn't count those hours.

I actually don't even have a television in my computer room, so that's one of the reasons that internet television takes on some increased importance for me.

Of course it's pretty much impossible to watch Baseball games for free online, so i'll always need regular television for Sports at least.

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