How often do you watch movies?


It doesn't matter what day it is for me, usually when I come home from work, I like to sit down and watch a movie. I tend to watch about 4-5 movies a week with my family.

How many movies do you watch on HBO?


I will often watch a movie at night, provided I have the night off. On an average, I watch 3-5 movies a week. On HBO, it all depends on what is showing.


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My cable service allows me to rent a selection of movies on demand for free, since I am subscribed to their HBO service. However, I don't find myself using it as much anymore, not sure why.


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Me, not lower than three. IT depends on the shows being played on HBO. Not lower than three because I just always watch at HBO almost any movie being played.


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i love movie marathon, i have bunch of dvd's here and just can't help it watching it. i downloaded movies also but sadly and sometimes i find it so depressing to wait 4 hours to finished the file.


Just seems to me that HBO has had their usual run of crap movies lately, so I have been watching Starz more. Usually I will catch a few movies a week though.
you are so lucky that you can able to watch 4-5 movies per week. me i don't have so much time. i need a lot of time for work. sometimes i got free time but i choose to sleep than to watch tv.


I'm not much of a movie person since I don't get out of the house much for shopping. I do watch them when I get the chance though, I gave August Rush a watch last night and believe me, it's one of those rare "Really good" movies.
Well, once a month, I go to this party house in Garden Grove, and watch a bunch of movies with the other folk there. Animation, real good comedies, and cult movies, too. It's a real treat, as one of the house members is an Feature-length Animation category Academy Awards voter, so an occasional DVD screener is seen there. Sure it has the "For Awards Consideration Only- Not For Sale" watermark flashing on the screen, but, it's really enjoyable.

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