How often should I upgrade my cable box?



I currently have two cable boxes in my home: A MX011ANM XG1 which is on the main TV we watch all the time and a PX022ANM XG2v2P that is on another TV that is not watched that often. Is it a good idea to swap out the boxes every once in awhile? Are the newer ones faster? I do notice the XG1 box I have does seem to have some lag when navigating the menus and stuff. The other one does too but I don't know if that is just normal lag plus I don't use that one that much. I know there is not a lot of 4K content on Xfinity yet but is it still worth it to get a 4K box? Which boxes are currently the best? Let me know what you think I should do with these two boxes.

"How often should I upgrade my cable box?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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