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How often do you play the game systems that you have? my boyfriend and I are lucky to play our wii for 1-2 hours per week because of our crazy schedules...he doesn't really play his ps2 too much anymore. He goes through phases.


When my husband had his last 360, he would be on that thing for hours, and always that ONE game he loved the most: Halo. He usually wouldn't start playing though until around 9 at night or so, and sometimes he would play til past 2 a.m.

When I play it is usually for a few hours, unless it is Guitar Hero. I could spend days on that one :).
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I try to play 1 to 3 times per week when my schedule allows. Its my rest period from my busy schedule. Games are great depending on what you are playing; they take you into a different reality.
I've played halo was fun. I had no idea what I was doing people just told me to push buttons so I pushed whatever buttons I could and I ended up beating my friend....boy was he mad LOL


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I usually play my game systems once in a while. I have been playing my gamecube a lot lately. The Legend of Zelda twilight Princess is my favorite game so when I start playing that game I just play all day and night so I beat it a few times.


i do not really play my game systems. before, i used to play everyday but then since i started my online job, i never really had the time to play again.


when i sit infront of x-box,i won't stop playing atleast for 5hours.even my mom will start scolding.but i won't stop it.but it got repaired now.don't know what to do.feel so bored.
It depends on the different schedules that people have every day and night but as long as it doesn't develop into an addiction and affect healthy living I'm sure it will be fine anytime.
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In my family, we limit the Wii to just the weekend. During the school week, no one, not even me, gets to play the Wii. It's just too tempting for the kids.


I am very sorry to hear that. I am playing my games almost everyday. I am currently making my money from blogging and soon I will be creating my own website.


I used to play PS2 and PS3 for around five to six times a week and that greatly depends upon the schedule I am currently having. On most cases I would find enough time to play games like sleepless nights, depressed etc.
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