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If you would like to ask for dtv reception help or troubleshooting at DTV USA Forum, we ask that you follow this protocol when posting... (Please be aware that you will need to register if you haven't already done so)

4 Steps to ask your Question

1. Start a new thread in the DTV / HDTV Reception and Antenna Discussion area.

2. Open an additional browser window and visit or and input your complete address. After you've received your signal analysis results, copy and paste the web address to your new thread here at the forum. The signal analysis results will not display your home address, only your city, state, and zipcode For additional help with how to use TVFool, visit: Detailed Instructions for Finding and Posting your Chart Information

3. Provide details about your current TV and antenna setup such as:

  • Type of antenna used
  • Type of antenna wiring used
  • Which channels are you trying to receive?
  • Anything else that you feel that the forum should know about your setup or what you're trying to achieve.
4. Once you've provided the above information, click on the "submit new thread" button.

Please do not post your home address or personal information in your post. We will never need to know that kind of detail.

How long will it take before you receive answers?
Some new threads will receive answers within a few minutes from our moderators, contributors, and members of the forum. Others may take from 24-48 hours depending on who's available.


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Detailed Instructions for Finding and Posting your Chart Information

Read these instructions completely first, then click on this link.

TVFool Transmitter Locater

Enter the exact Address & Zip Code, or, in very rural areas enter the GPS Coordinates, to acquire the most accurate information.
You can also type in your Name or Handle if you wish, which will be shown as the title of the Chart/report.

On the Bottom of that page, it gives an entry for “Antenna Height”, which is where you would enter the number in Feet, that the Antenna is/will be installed, above ground.
Reasonable accuracy in this entry, will influence the type of antenna and/or other recommendations which you may require at some point.

If you do not know the exact height, then use one of these Examples:
For an Indoor (on top of our TV/same room) Antenna, enter 5
For a Outdoor Single Story House (Rooftop) enter 15
For a Outdoor Two Story House (Rooftop) enter 25
If a separate Mast/Pole Mount enter the height of the Pole.

Once those entry's are made, you may click on the “Find Local Channels” tab, and the next screen will show the Stations in your locale. The list may be extensive, don’t count on receiving ALL the Channels Listed.

To Print Out your Chart:
IF you wish to Print out the information to view later, you must first save that page to your computer, and print it out from there.
Just above the Graph/Chart on the second page, you will see a comment named "Current Database". Select "All Channels" and click on "save image" to direct your Computer to save the Chart to your Computer in a location of your choice. You may then View, Print or Attach that image as necessary.

To Post your Chart:
On the second page, if you look right above the Graph and Station Chart, you will notice a Link line in bold script.
That is the one which you should copy and paste into your post, where when necessary, others can view your complete chart with you. This is very helpful if you ask questions about your reception, of have a problem.

Click on this link, to see a picture of where to look for "YOUR" refference link to your Chart.

TVFool saves your/that Chart on their Website, and you may use that link to refer to it at any time in the future.
It is also wise to save that Link to your Chart on your Computer. Once moving away from the Page,
it is possible that you will not be able to return to it, without having the Link available.

(On the public display of your Chart, your address will NOT be shown, and GPS Coordinates will be modified for Security Purposes)

Please understand, that all of the channels listed on the Chart, will not necessarily be able to be received.
It's possible that several of the remaining Channels which can be received, are of no interest to you.

Hope this helps.

Have a good Day ! :)
S.W. Houston

OTA = "Over the Air", where you buy/install a Personally owned Antenna System for your House/Apartment. Aim and connect it to your TV/Component via a Coaxial Cable, and receive FREE (Local Channels in Standard and High Definition) TV from that time forth.
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