How to connect laptop to TV



Hi, I want to connect my Dell Inspiron 1525 to my television set so I can stream shows and movies (basically my downloaded media library too) and I think I technically can connect to it, I just don't know how or what I need. Can I get help?


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So your laptop looks like it has an HDMI output and a s-video, so it should pretty much be able to connect to any type of TV. The HDMI output is preferable because you'll be able to get high definition with it.

So buy an HDMI cable and connect between the two and let your laptop detect the connection. That's it.


Yep, I do this at home with my Dell XPS. You can choose to mirror what's on your computer onto the TV screen or use your TV as an extension of your desktop.

I recommend the following software:

Windows Media Center - Lots of great plugins with WMC, like Pandora online radio.


Boxee - Lots of streaming TV content available.


Yes, you need a HDMI cable which you can get it for cheap for $4 from Amazon. Once you have the HDMI cable you can hook it up with your TV HDMI port and you should see your Laptop screen on your TV. It looks like the Dell Inspiron 1525 has both a HDMI port and a S-Video output. Inspiron1525-006.jpg Number seven is the HDMI output and number four is the S-video output.
Wow all this is good to know because I have a laptop and two flat screens. I never understood what all those blank channels was on the Tv. Now I know then HDMI1 channel is for connecting the lap top and TV. Technology is great and becoming more , and more advanced as time past us by.


Now you know how to hook up a laptop into your HTDV. Hope this helps. I agree, it is quite amazing how technology surpasses your imagination.