Question: How to mount antenna on the side of a home.

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Greetings again,

A recap, I'm about to move into a new home and will be setting up an 8 Bay UHF and possibly a second VHF-HI antenna. I have been planning on doing an attic install, but I'm also investigating the possibility of doing an outdoor install as well.

This is my first home and I'm a complete DIY newbie. So please go easy on me!

I would prefer to not have a mast that goes from the ground up because I will eventually be erecting a large antenna farm for my ham radio hobby. The wife has said to either put the TV antenna in the attic or on the side of the house. I also would rather not do a roof mount, the roof was just redone on the house and I don't want to start drilling holes in it. I don't believe the fascia of the roof would really hold much weight.

I like the idea of using a "J-pole" mount, similar to a dish mount, with a 5 ft mast coming out of the mount. I'd like to mount this directly on the side of the house at the highest point just below the roof. With me so far?

This is a brick house, so I have no idea how to drill and mount something to brick. Additionally, I've not been able to find a dish J-pole mount that could support a 5 ft mast (unless I'm dumb and have missed it.) I've considered hiring a Dish installer to just install the J-pole mount to the house, but I've got to learn how to be more DIY handyman! :)

Could anyone give some suggestions on how to mount the mast to the side of a brick house, and suggest a good mast?

Thanks in advance!
>>>I don't believe the fascia of the roof would really hold much weight. <<<<

Probably you could mount it to the fascia, maybe if you drilled on through so you also go through one or more rafters, then maybe use some long threaded rod.

Or maybe better, add some blocking behind the fascia before drilling through and bolting to it. Do you have an accessible area behind the fascia? Blocking is just meant as extra wood to strengthen it. Use quality wood if you can do this. I would use redwood or cedar and treat it with linseed oil then paint it, then attach with lag bolts. I could add blocking behind the fascia on my house if I wanted to. But yours may be different, depends on the details of the construction.

Personally I use a pole going all the way to the ground. 24 foot 1 & 5/8 inch diameter top rail pole from chainlink fence. Doesn't look too good having a pole going alongside the house really. Does let me rotate it by hand from the ground easily though.


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Well, I've done some more research and found the J-type mount I was talking about...

However, now that I think about it, on the wall probably won't work. It's been 2 months since I've last seen the house (moving in next weekend) and completely forgot the style of the roof. The exterior wall isn't tall enough, like I thought it was. Also, looks like a gable mount is out of the question too. The only gable is on the garage on the front of the house. While there's no restrictions that say I can't put the antenna there, I imagine that would look odd on the front of the house. (See second photo)

So I'll try the attic first, but may have to look into doing the J-type mount on the roof. I'm just nervous about drilling into a brand new roof.

Attached is a pic of the back side of the house. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the antenna outdoors and at least at the roof line - without doing a mast from the ground that would need guy wires - Please let me know.

The reason I'm trying to not use guy wires is they are not wife-approved ;)


back of house.jpg

front of house.jpg
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That's not even a gable roof. That's a hip roof. The ridge does not even extend to the side of the house on those.
See, I'm learning! I wasn't kidding when I said I'm a new homeowner and DIY newbie :)

So I suppose I'm looking for suggestions on how to mount on this type of roof. As I said, I will first try the attic but I'm trying to get as much info and ideas as possible before I start the project. I'm hoping to get the hardware and get it done after next weekend.
You have a gable at the garage, over the garage door. You could mount to the fascia there, with some blocking. Except, of course, it would be ugly having it out front facing the street like that.


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You have a gable at the garage, over the garage door. You could mount to the fascia there, with some blocking. Except, of course, it would be ugly having it out front facing the street like that.
Agreed. I personally wouldn't mind how it looks, I'm a ham radio operator and will eventually have a few radio antennas sprouting up from the back yard :) I'm going to run the garage gable idea over with the wife and get her opinion.

Again, I'm hoping the attic will suffice but I'd rather know my options now rather than later.


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Luckily and surprisingly it's NOT an HOA :) :) :) And no deed restrictions for towers, antennas, etc.

Here's the TV Fool report, dkreichen may remember it when I posed as a "guest" last week. TV Fool
For reference, the back end of the house faces the SSW.

Most all of the channels are LOS by only a few miles.

UHF 14 may be a little difficult, but I believe I can aim the 8-bay in a direction that should get it and the other locals just fine.
VHF 11 might be a challenge, the TV Fool report says it's LOS, but when I pull up the estimated coverage map for WTZT 11, the house is actually right in a shadow. I may use a dedicated VHF antenna for 11 and find it's sweet spot.

I'm fairly confident that an attic installation will work just fine, so I will be trying that first. If it doesn't I will either try a tripod mount on the roof or see if the wife will go for the gable install in the front of the house on the garage.

What do y'all think?
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I think the beamwidth of the 8-Bay will be quite adequate to cover the CW and other channels at that distance.
You could use a Heavy Duty J-Mount*, mounted on the back side of the Roof near the Peak, in line with the Back door.
Assemble the J-Mount's Post, with the shorter bend attached toward the Bracket, and the longer section upright.
This way the Mount would be hidden, and only the Antenna showing above the Roof.
You could run the Coax into the Ridge Vent, and easily into the Attic. Allow enough Cable outside the Ridge Vent, to create an exterior Drip Loop.
Being able to see into the Attic thru the Ridge Vent, will able you to locate the Rafters, and drill (small) pilot holes directly into them, for Lag Bolts.
Silicone Sealer should be shot under the three mount positions (between the brackets and shingles), after the Post is vertically/horizontally aligned, at a height sufficient to place the bottom of the Antenna just above the Ridge Vent.

This should make for a very sturdy mount ! :thumb:

DIRECTV SLMTSTD Short Brace Long Brace and J-Mount Mast For Slimline Dish (SLMTSTD) from Solid Signal
An additional Long Brace may be required (ie: two long braces) for proper placement of braces.

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...Could anyone give some suggestions on how to mount the mast to the side of a brick house, and suggest a good mast? Thanks in advance!
Assuming you actually need an 8-bay, you could stack a pair of identical 4-bays on a side-mounted mast as the single 4-bay is seen mounted below.

Regarding mounting it to the side of a brick house, google Rawl to find appropriate fasteners.


(Photo by Dan K. the pro antena installer here)

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Bamatenna, I think an attic install would work fine because I doubt you'll get anymore channels with an outdoor set up than you would with an indoor (attic) set up. "Course that depends on how strong the TV signals are at 12' to 15' as opposed to their signal strength at 25'. Granted, outdoors would give stronger signals but I don't think you're gonna' gain anymore channels by putting the antenna outdoors.


It's not a 2 story house, and whatever that roof is called, I'd say it's a nightmare, because re-roofing it, will cost you nearly as much to pay for the coping lol when you will need a roof, you'll hear all about it (if you even ask)!

Ok, my opinion (if you have or plan to have kids): Backyard, (looking at the pic you posted) near the left corner, I think that would be the best place to slap a pole. A tripod mount is probably a better idea, but again, roofing can easily be abused the wrong way!

Fascia boards are usually 1" think, and typically rotted if there is any age to them. They are purely for looks in my opinion. Finding a soft piece of fascia will create a new project I think. Garage gable, eek lol.

The left corner of the back could support your whole antenna arsenal I think, it's away from the porch, you don't want to ruin that area, your wife would bring it up everyday!!!

Kind of glad I don't have these decisions to make lol. That house looks very nice! Gratz on being a new homeowner!!!

The side of the house with the garage would be ideal in my opinion also, this would leave the wires in the garage, then wherever? An attic install would probably work even better, heck it would be higher up if you don't use a pole! There's probably an antenna in the attic now, have ya checked, maybe not though. That really is a hard choice to make if it has to be an exterior install! I agree with the pole/ground up idea, that's what I'd prefer over a roof mount, after re-reading (new roof). Even if it is mounted on the side (without a pole), I think you would be better off in the attic. Depends on the insulation too though. Silver shiny stuff could be a no go. You'd have to investigate that area! So many variables really! lol


Oh, and P.S. once you see shingles lifted, call your insurance, and get your Wind damage check! lol Save it for roofing repairs tho, or however they do that!

Also, CW here where I am, I turn to it every weekend... NOTHING but Paid Programming!!! And when there is something on, it's usually same as Fox... Hopefully if you go through the trouble, your CW has better content!!!
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That's not even a gable roof. That's a hip roof. The ridge does not even extend to the side of the house on those.
Why be so negative, just help out the guy. Who gives a rats ass what type of roof it is. He's just looking for help. Obviously, you know everything about everything
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