how to power off xfinity flex box



I received a new xfinity flex box. Finished setup and everything is working fine. Its remote is paired only with xfinity flex box and not controlling any other device including TV. When I press power button on the flex remote, it does not power off the flex box. If I try "power off" voice command, I see an error message saying that I can not control the TV yet. I am not expecting the remote to control the TV as I have not paired. I was expecting the flex box to power off but does not. Remote's all other operations/button work fine. One of the online chat support did the usual troubleshooting, reset etc and told me to go to store and get a new remote. I did that. Its the same even with new remote. Then another chat support went through the same troubleshooting steps and transferred to his boss. Then this boss did the same troubleshooting steps and gave up !! he said he has to send a technicial to home. I have no time to wait for the technician who probably will give me a 3 hour window on a working day for this small thing. Before I go to the store and exchange the box to a new one, I wanted to post here and see if anybody knows what's going on. It may be something silly on my side but can't figure out so far.

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