How We Were Duped Into ObamaCare

OK so Politifact, clearly no conservative rag, cited Obama's "If you like your plan, you can keep it" as lie of the year, and in an online poll readers overwhelmingly concurred. Most liberal commentators have slowly come to agree that Obama "misled" the public, though some still shy away from the L-word.

But how could this happen? How could Congress be duped into passing a law based on a lie? Sadly, the answer seems to be that neither side listens to the other, and the democrats don't even listen to one another.

The republicans clearly knew there was something fishy going on from the beginning. On the very day Obama first told the lie -- August 22, 2009 in his Weekly Address -- a republican response was issued by Tom Price a house representative from Georgia who also happens to be a doctor: "For starters, within five years, every health care plan will have to meet a new federal definition for coverage – one that your current plan might not match, even if you like it.”

Of course the HHS clearly understood this way back in 2010 when they granted many union wavers giving these reasons 1) "premiums were going to go up [for those organizations]" and 2) "abiding by these mandates would force [these organizations] to drop their coverage." At least one prominent conservative journalist exhorted everyone to repeat this "at the top of our lungs!"

Recorded from "Hannity" on Fox News in November of 2010

But Obama continued delivering the same lie, almost word for word, in speech after speech. Unfortunately, what HHS head Kathleen Sebelius knew in 2010 has little bearing on what the President knew, since Sebelius and Obama rarely communicated in person ... and his racquet needed to be restrung ... and the sun got in his eyes ... and ...


I often wonder what our current President actually knows/knew when he made those past and future statements. Was he fed that information by people who knew it was false? Or was communication so screwed up that all information is rather suspect. In any case it is disturbing that our heath care system can be monkeyed around with by people who don't know or do know and keep right on going. I suppose misinformation has been handed down to all past POTUS-es. One guy cannot actually KNOW what his people tell him is accurate...if you know what I mean. It has to suck if your people keep getting caught feeding you wrong information. I'm not defending any prez here...just wondering how this ball of mess keeps going and why.
Here's what I believe about Obama -- he's lived his entire life in academia and politics, where literal truth simply has no value. He knew there was a provision for grandfathering in old policies under the law, and that was the basis for his statements. The fact that there were so many limitations and exception to that clause that his statements turned into total horse manure simply didn't matter to him, because all his life, half truths and good intentions have passed as the holy grail. Of course, he never before had a real executive position where people relied on his words for anything important, like a job, or food on the table, or healthcare.

A high priced education, the ability to read a teleprompter, and great political skill, do not equate to a respect for Truth, or the ability to run anything. In fact, I would argue normally the reverse is true.



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Academia is not so much an issue as "politics" and especially "LAWYER". A large part of being a lawyer is to lie or twist the truth to your own ends. Putting a lawyer in charge of anything is dangerous enough, but putting lawyers in charge of making law? That's worse than letting the fox guard the hen house.

Is it just a coincidence that the words "lawyer" and "lair" sound so much alike?
I think there are lawyers who try to be truthful. They will try to avoid knowing things that jeopardize their case, because they're supposed to reveal that to the other side, but they won't deliberately fabricate facts to win. I'll say maybe 30% have that much honesty. Those lawyers either don't go into politics, or they're permanently stuck at the city or county level. Lying is a crucial tool for an ambitious politician.

A high priced education doesn't help at all. Lying is also extremely effective in the classroom. It's much, much easier to tell the professor what he wants to hear, rather than convince him your version of Truth has enough validity to earn a good grade. Some of the smartest people I know got mediocre grades for exactly that reason. The college culture discourages original thinking, which is absolutely essential to a truth seeker.
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