I have Dish Network, but am switching to DirecTV

You're asking if you can still watch your recorded content on your Dish DVR?

The answer is no. If you are hooked up to DirecTV you will not be able to access your DISH content; only those recorded with your DirecTV DVR. Didn't you have to return your Dish DVR anyway?
Yup, Thomas G is bang on! The one time I used DirecTV, we were moving out of the country and they did let us keep the DVR and other boxes at no charge for some reason....course I have not explored the area enough to see if you can somehow connect to the box to extract recorded content. I don't have anything that I would want to retrieve from my old one that is still sitting in the garage though to make it worthwhile to attempt, so not sure if you can do this with a Dish box or not. If you can, I'm sure it would be non-trivial unless someone on the board has done this before and has a "For Dummies" for the rest of us?
I did some research and I also use Dish Network, Basically once a receiver is deactivated (account shut off), you can still play recordings that are in the DVR once the account is disconnected.
If you do not return leased equipment (you have 30 days last I checked), you are charged the MSRP of the equipment until it's returned, and the 922 model that I know of is $649. I had went through this before and decided that amount of money wasn't work the amount of movies or my dvr since I rarely use it. But if you plan on using it over then I would keep it for future reference. So its up to you what is more important. Hope this helps :)
Does Dish Network do like DirecTV used to do where they will sometimes let you keep the equipment if you move at no charge? The one time I had DirecTV, I moved, it was too hard to get it scheduled to drop off, etc and the rep told me to keep the gear til I signed up again...never did, never got another bill after the close out...think its sitting in a box in the attic still...
Well that's what I thought until, My old box stopped working and needed a replacement well next thing I know I was being charged for a new box and was supposedly told to send my old box back in broke and all or ill be charged $650... Kind of crazy but over all dish is a good company and with enough pushing and talking to the right people through customer service can pay off. I don't know much about Direct tv though...

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