I have had a bad experience with hidden fees using Comcast, is Dish Network better?

Jenny S

DTVUSA Jr. Member
I really don't like charges being added to my bill like an HD technology fee that Comcast all of a sudden started charging me for.

Is Dish Network any better?


Just about all providers have these sorts of loop holes that are designed to give the wiggle room to charge extra fees for services.


I was a Dish subscriber for years. I wanted to upgrade my equipment for HD broadcasts but they wanted to charge me for it. I dropped them and went to Directv. After I dropped them Dish offered me free upgrades. That was pretty bad and I explained it to them that they should have said YES before I switched. Dish put me on with a special retention guy who told be I was "stupid" for leaving Dish even if Directv gave me more for less. Yes. He really did say that to me and went on to argue with me. I gave it right back to him but never Dish for me...never again! Now I may be one of those on-line horror stories that are very rare in real life. But I did experience that stupidity of having me drop the service and then ask me back after I signed up with another company. The other Dish people were quite friendly though. Your mileage may vary as they say.
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