I pay $12.99 for Fios local


OK...here is the story since some of you asked.

I get so-called Local Fios for $12.99 a month
HD DVR $16.99/mo
50/25 internet $84.99

$5.00 off internet deal plus taxes, tags, rust-proofing

Total $112.71. Not exactly $12.99 total but that is what the Local package runs.

I get 62 channels and 17 in HD. I think they may add channels periodically but I am not sure. I think I can watch channels that are not on my official list.
I get NJ and PA PBS. A number of retro channels. Smithsonian. Local Philly news channels. Weather channel. quite a few others. If I had more I would probably just scroll and scroll and not find anything and waste a lot of time.


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Bundling - I hate it.
I get Comcast "essentials" internet - 5 down, 1 up - for $10 a month now that I am "poor" (I used to pay $50 for 15 down/ 10 up Digis). 5 down is good enough for 2 streams at once. TV OTA is free, 40 channels, 14 of them are HD. OTA DVR was a one-time cost of $40. Netflix costs $8. Magic Jack gives me unlimited US and Canada calling for about $2 a month.

Total for my bundle is $20.