Imagine This.


What if your DVD arrives to your home sooner than expected?:flame:
RockU, I appreciate you posting thing video because I had no idea Netflix even had DVD's. Let's just say Netflix is definitely stepping up their game. Not only are they in competition with Hulu. But now they're runner up against Red Box. It's something to really think of when deciding to purchase or rent a movie. Same day service was a good idea because there's no worst frustration then having to order something whether online or in a catalog and you have to wait for ever to receive the package. For those who use express mail, such a Fed Ex or UPS are definitely thinking fast. Not to say that people who don't use those services are slow. It's just a figure of speech because I myself don't use those services. It all depends whether or not one would want to pay the extra fees for fast delivery or pay for standard price, regular mail fee. I do have a few questions for your?

1. What do I have to do in order to get a Netflix movie on DVD?
2. What are the benefits of doing this compared to going to Red Box?
3. Are there any good offers going on at this time?