Incorrect Service Charge- Ethical Question - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Incorrect Service Charge- Ethical Question", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. New to Spectrum, just got my modem last night at around 9:30pm (because Sprectrum failed to deliver one at my home and kept saying that they sent one, when asked for tracking number, failed to provide that information) and today I received an invoice showing that I have their internet service since 10/1/2018. I’m baffled and called the billing department to find out what happened and how I can even receive the service without a modem. The billing representative, Erika, said their note says “customer is successfully able to connect the internet service on 10/1/2018” and I have to pay for these extra 8 days, even though I didn’t receive the Spectrum service. This is an ethical question for Spectrum on they are conducting their business? It’s not about paying extra for 9 days but I’m extremely disappointed by this unethical behavior and if it doesn’t get resolved here I’m taking this to Spectrum’s senior leaders and social media.

Incorrect Service Charge- Ethical Question?