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I read, Fox but truth be told you're preaching to the choir. Not that that's a bad thing but I think the public at large is ignorant about the issue.

All they see is that their iPhones and androids can download more stuff at an ever increasing rate.

One thing I would love to see is the ATT/T-Mobile acquisition shut down, and shut down early. I would also like to see all those that are hoarding spectrum be forced to use it or lose it.
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Aerial Sales Soar, and so does the level of lies !!

Deborah D. McAdams - TV Technology magazine Aerial Sales Soar

ST. LOUIS, MO.: Midwestern aerial maker Antennas Direct says it’s still selling its modern-day rabbit ears like hot cakes. The company expects to sell $21 million worth of over-the-air TV antennas this year, up from $8.7 million last year. First-quarter sales alone were said to be up 225 percent.

“Experts have been telling me for eight years that OTA was dead, yet we have maintained 110 percent compound annual growth since we started,” says Antennas Direct President Richard Schneider.

Schneider founded Antennas Direct in 2003. He raised the profile of his company during DTV transition with a nationwide bus tour; giving away antennas at community and senior centers in June of 2009, when it took place. It was selling around 100,000 antennas a month after the transition.

The company engaged investors last year, seeking up to $10 million to expand its operations. Sales in 2009 reached $7.5 million, up from $3.4 million in 2008. It sells online and through Beset Buy, Target and Costco, among others.

Schneider expects continued growth. He quoted figures from one Convergence Consulting Group in Toronto, Ontario, as saying 1.6 million people will cancel cable or satellite subscriptions by the end of this year. (Their report actually estimates 1.55 million from 2008-09, and another 2.07 million by the end of 2011.) He criticized the policies of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, who is under a presidential directive to reclaim TV spectrum for wireless broadband.

“The uninformed statements by the FCC chairman are nothing but regurgitation of outdated notions from the waning days of analog TV,” Schneider said, calling digital TV the “new disruptive technology.”

~ Deborah D. McAdams

Aerial Sales Soar, along with the level of lies told by our so called FCC leader. All they want to do is get their share of the peoples pie for themselves, and have it in their own bank accounts and pockets before anyone calls them out on it.
Here is the list of the Robber Barons who want to take away our free TV, 45 in all !!

Deborah D. McAdams, TV Technology magazine - Tech Advisors Tell FCC to Launch Local Broadband Deployment Competition

WASHINGTON: The 45 folks selected to advise federal regulators on technology today delivered eight recommendations emphasizing the creation of local broadband networks. Among those--making it competitive, and making it easier. None mentioned relieving broadcasters of spectrum.

“Hanging another antenna on a cell site should be a fast decision,” said Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission’s 5th Technical Advisory Council, formed last October.

The charter of the council is to advise the commission on overall tech policies, but the FCC’s current preoccupation is broadband deployment. The Obama Administration wants nationwide broadband service in 10 years. The council’s recommendations honed in on what the commission could do immediately, “without working through traditional regulatory processes.” Eight were made, with no particular emphasis on one over another:

Commence a Municipal Race-to-the-Top Program, identifying cities with the best practices for deploying broadband. The council suggested ranking municipalities and awarding a “Broadband City USA” designation for those with the most “broadband-friendly” infrastructure planning and permit approval. The FCC, in turn, could identify and highlight those best practices.

The council said the FCC should request an executive order to build broadband networks on federal property. It would mandate a single document for permitting rights-of-way and antenna siting approvals; coordination by a single federal agency; and a 60-day shot clock for approval. It could promote the use of micro cells, distributed antenna systems and other advanced technologies.

The council said the FCC should urge states and municipalities to speed up the tower siting process. The council said it identified several obstacles to tower siting that could be overcome by updating local procedures. Those included inconsistent timeframes for environmental assessments; redundant requirements for co-locations; and repeated but unexplained rejections.
“Expediting the process for tower siting could have an important impact on the development of local broadband access in communities, boosting their marketability to new employers and network access for local entrepreneurs,” the council said. “If states and municipalities do not agree to expedite co-location approvals, the commission should express its willingness to proceed with a new, shorter ‘shot clock’ rule for co-locations.”

The council recommended that the FCC commence a “road show” about the latest broadband technologies. The intent is to initiate a dialog with local governments about things like microtrenching, DAS gear on light poles, directional boring, etc. Wheeler said the road show would tie back to the Municipal Race to the Top.

The council told the FCC to develop a “white-label” website that municipalities can skin locally for tracking utility digs. That way, rights-of-way excavations could be coordinated to save time and reduce service disruptions. Kind of a “reverse one-call,” Wheeler said.

The FCC should also consider new metrics for broadband network quality and reliability the council said. There are measures other than speed, Wheeler said. Throughput speeds don’t sufficiently measure performance for extended uses such as healthcare monitoring and emergency services, the council said.

The group recommended that the FCC start investigating how to update or replace services and equipment that still rely on the old copper-wire, telephone-pole infrastructures.
“These services and devices will have to be replaced and the accompanying construction and inspection ‘codes’ revised,” the council said. Its members will come up with an inventory of such services, while the FCC initiates a public discourse on updating the old phone infrastructure for broadband.

The final recommendation from the council is for the FCC to promote deployment of small cell sites. Two strategies were emphasized--creating a “universal architecture” for femtocells and picocells that utilizes spectrum bonding, and the creation of a small-cell spectrum allocation. The small-cell band would authorize licensed and unlicensed use to provide network flexibility.

Members of the Technical Advisory Council include:
Tom Wheeler, Core Capital Partners
Shahid Ahmed, Accenture
Mark Bayliss, Virginia ISP Association
Nomi Bergman, Bright House Networks
Peter Bloom, General Atlantic
Vinton Cerf, Google
John Chapin, Wireless Innovation Forum
kc claffy, Cooperative Assoc. for Internet Data Analysis
Wesley Clark, Wesley K. Clark and Associates
Lynn Claudy, National Assoc. of Broadcasters
Richard Currier, Loral Space and Communications
Brian Daly, AT&T
David Clark, MIT
Adam Drobot, 2M Companies
Tom Evslin, State of Vermont
Charlotte Field, Comcast
Mark Gorenberg, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Dick Green, Liberty Global
Russ Gyurek, Cisco Systems
Dale Hatfield, Silicon Flatirons Center
Erwin Hudson, WildBlue Communications
Ari Juels, RSA Laboratories/EMC
Kevin Kahn, Intel
Gregory Lapin, American Radio Relay League
Richard Lynch, Verizon
Paul Mankiewich, Juniper Networks
John Marinho, Dell
Brian Markwalter, Consumer Electronics Association
Geoffrey Mendenhall, Harris Corporation
Randy Nicklas, XO Communications
Hilton Nicholson, SIXNET
Roberto Padovani, Qualcomm
Devin Parekh, Insight Capital Ventures
Daniel Reed, Microsoft
Dennis Roberson, WINCOM
Jesse Russell, incNETWORKS
Andy Setos, Fox Group
Marvin Sirbu, Carnegie Mellon University
Paul Steinberg, Motorola
Harold Teets, TW Telecom
David Tennenhouse, New Venture Partners
Bud Tribble, Apple
Jack Waters, Level 3 Communications
Robert Zitter, HBO

The FCC’s team includes:
Walter Johnston, Designated Federal Officer
Julius Knapp, Alt. Designated Federal Officer
Lisa Gelb
John Leibovitz
Christopher Lewis
Michael McKenzie
Deena Shetler
Doug Sicker
Jordan Usdan

-- Deborah D. McAdams

The only advising these people are going to do is how to steer a chunk of our radio spectrum their way for their own business model and GREED !!


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You did notice these two didn't you.

Lynn Claudy, National Assoc. of Broadcasters
Gregory Lapin, American Radio Relay League

Not all of the advisors are from the enemy. One from broadcasting, and one from Ham Radio.
Did not really have a ton of time to read the list. I do these posts from work, and sometimes have to go before I am through with the posting. OK reduce the robber baron count by 2 !!
Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears that today's youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Children and teenagers are five times more likely to get brain cancer if they use mobile phones, startling new research indicates.

The study, experts say, raises fears that today's young people may suffer an "epidemic" of the disease in later life. At least nine out of 10 British 16-year-olds have their own handset, as do more than 40 per cent of primary schoolchildren.

Yet investigating dangers to the young has been omitted from a massive £3.1m British investigation of the risks of cancer from using mobile phones, launched this year, even though the official Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Programme – which is conducting it – admits that the issue is of the "highest priority".

Despite recommendations of an official report that the use of mobiles by children should be "minimised", the Government has done almost nothing to discourage it.

Last week the European Parliament voted by 522 to 16 to urge ministers across Europe to bring in stricter limits for exposure to radiation from mobile and cordless phones, Wi-fi and other devices, partly because children are especially vulnerable to them. They are more at risk because their brains and nervous systems are still developing and because – since their heads are smaller and their skulls are thinner – the radiation penetrates deeper into their brains.

The Swedish research was reported this month at the first international conference on mobile phones and health.

It sprung from a further analysis of data from one of the biggest studies carried out into the risk that the radiation causes cancer, headed by Professor Lennart Hardell of the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden. Professor Hardell told the conference – held at the Royal Society by the Radiation Research Trust – that "people who started mobile phone use before the age of 20" had more than five-fold increase in glioma", a cancer of the glial cells that support the central nervous system. The extra risk to young people of contracting the disease from using the cordless phone found in many homes was almost as great, at more than four times higher.

Those who started using mobiles young, he added, were also five times more likely to get acoustic neuromas, benign but often disabling tumours of the auditory nerve, which usually cause deafness.

By contrast, people who were in their twenties before using handsets were only 50 per cent more likely to contract gliomas and just twice as likely to get acoustic neuromas.

Professor Hardell told the IoS: "This is a warning sign. It is very worrying. We should be taking precautions." He believes that children under 12 should not use mobiles except in emergencies and that teenagers should use hands-free devices or headsets and concentrate on texting. At 20 the danger diminishes because then the brain is fully developed. Indeed, he admits, the hazard to children and teenagers may be greater even than his results suggest, because the results of his study do not show the effects of their using the phones for many years. Most cancers take decades to develop, longer than mobile phones have been on the market.

The research has shown that adults who have used the handsets for more than 10 years are much more likely to get gliomas and acoustic neuromas, but he said that there was not enough data to show how such relatively long-term use would increase the risk for those who had started young.

He wants more research to be done, but the risks to children will not be studied in the MTHR study, which will follow 90,000 people in Britain. Professor David Coggon, the chairman of the programmes management committee, said they had not been included because other research was being done on young people by a study at Sweden's Kariolinska Institute.

He said: "It looks frightening to see a five-fold increase in cancer among people who started use in childhood," but he said he "would be extremely surprised" if the risk was shown to be so high once all the evidence was in.

But David Carpenter, dean of the School of Public Health at the State University of NewYork – who also attended the conference – said: "Children are spending significant time on mobile phones. We may be facing a public health crisis in an epidemic of brain cancers as a result of mobile phone use."

In 2000 and 2005, two official inquiries under Sir William Stewart, a former government chief scientist, recommended the use of mobile phones by children should be "discouraged" and "minimised".

But almost nothing has been done, and their use by the young has more than doubled since the turn of the millennium.

For all of you who think low level microwave is safe..........

No level of microwaves surrounding the brain are safe.That is simply a fact of physics and of nature, but the money grubbing Cell Phone industry in America WILL NEVER ADMIT THIS FACT!!!!
DNA damage far below present safety limit!

EU study on mobile radiation: DNA damage far below present safety limit!
REFLEX, a four-year study at 12 university research labs in 7 countries conducted by the Verum Foundation, based in Munich, funded by the EU at a cost of 3.2 Million Euro:

o RF-EMF produced genotoxic effects in fibroblasts, HL-60 cells, granulosa cells of rats and neural progenitor cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells . Cells responded to RF-EMF exposure between SAR levels of 0.3 and 2 W/kg with a significant increase in single and double strand DNA breaks and in micronuclei frequency (Participants 2 and 3). Chromosomal aberrations in fibroblasts were also observed after RF-EMF exposure (Participant 3). In HL-60 cells an increase in the intracellular generation of free radicals accompanying RF-EMF exposure could clearly be demonstrated

o RF-EMF at a SAR of 1.5 W/kg down-regulated the expression of neuronal genes in neuronal precursor cells and up-regulated the expression of early genes in p53-deficient embryonic stem cells, but not in wild-type cells. Proteomic analyses on human endothelial cell lines showed that exposure to RF-EMF changed the expression and phosphorylation of numerous, largely unidentified proteins. Among these proteins is the heat shock protein hsp27, a marker for cellular stress responses. The results of the whole genome DNA micro-array and proteomic analyses indicated that EMF may activate several groups of genes that play a role in cell division, cell proliferation and cell differentiation.

o Our results show, that intermittent exposure to a 50 Hz magnetic field causes a reproducible increase in DNA strand breaks in cultured human cells. These findings are in accordance with some recent studies with whole-body exposure of rodents to ELF-EMF which revealed DNA single- and double-strand breaks in the brain (Lai and Singh 1997c; Singh and Lai 1998; Svedenstal et al. 1999a/b).

o The guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP 1998) are 500 µT during workday for occupational exposures and 100 µT for 24 h/day for the general population. The on-set of genotoxic effects in our tests was at a magnetic flux density as low as 35 µT at 15 hours and 70 µT at 24 hours of exposure, being well below these proposed guideline values.

Researchers exposed cells in glass dishes to mobile phone signals and discovered that the low-power microwaves they emit can damage DNA, potentially causing cancer and other illnesses.
Professor Franz Adlkofer, the executive director of the Verum Foundation, said the scientists were surprised by the results, which contradicted their initial belief that there would be no damage to DNA. "The precautionary principle is justified. At the moment I would say that it would be enough to advise customers only to use the mobile phone when they need it and not for too long, and only when there is good access to base stations."
Research Report and Summary
REFLEX - Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods

And the sheeple just follow along as if following the Pied Piper !!!!!!!!!!!
This is your brain.... this is your on Microwaves....Just say NO !!!!

For all of you who think low level microwave is safe..........

No level of microwaves surrounding the brain are safe.That is simply a fact of physics and of nature, but the money grubbing Cell Phone industry in America WILL NEVER ADMIT THIS FACT!!!!
The report may show increased cancer. The study simply assumed that it was due to microwaves. Scientifically, that's a rookie mistake. It could be due to increased noise, and or the additional use of iPODs by the same study group. The 3.12 m British pounds was squandered.


I simply told you so..........

The report may show increased cancer. The study simply assumed that it was due to microwaves. Scientifically, that's a rookie mistake. It could be due to increased noise, and or the additional use of iPODs by the same study group. The 3.12 m British pounds was squandered.
Yeah, and from your expert opinion, it seems that you are a microwave research expert. What university did you get your degree in microwave research standards from? You just refuse to admit that you may be wrong, and I may be right. These are microwaves, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that this stuff is harmful, since microwaves COOK MEAT, and all we are is meat puppets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grow some common sense for a change, instead of always thinking you are right, when you have no scientific evidence to support your position, where as I do, and it made all of the big news outlets. Wake up and see the common sense for a change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to see your degree in microwave research so you will be able to support and prove your "Rookie Mistake " statement. I think YOU are the rookie here, and not the British researchers !!!!


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Yeah, and from your expert opinion, it seems that you are a microwave research expert. What university did you get your degree in microwave research standards from? You just refuse to admit that you may be wrong, and I may be right. These are microwaves, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that this stuff is harmful, since microwaves COOK MEAT, and all we are is meat puppets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They cook meat so they cause cancer? That is completely absurd.

Anyway, if cell phones do cause cancer, and we want to rid ourselves of this carcinogen, we might have to shut down broadcast TV too. After all, they are bombarding us with multikilowatts of power instead of 100w from a cellphone tower.
it made all of the big news outlets. Wake up and see the common sense for a change !
I am wide awake and paying full attention. The news media reports that I saw related to the WHO statement. The WHO statement was very careful to avoid any conclusions. It simply advised those who are concerned to use caution when they used their cellphones.

This is the opening line on the WHO web site.

With more and more research data available, it has become increasingly unlikely that exposure to electromagnetic fields constitutes a serious health hazard, nevertheless, some uncertainty remains.

WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?

Some of the news reports that I saw did not report the WHO release accurately.


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Look, I'm not saying we shouldn't take this study seriously but I think we need to be extremely cautious about any study that links RF exposure to disease. Other countries such as Israel have enacted strict RF exposure laws that put all sorts of red tape on building any infrastructure for wireless technology such as towers and antennas. This is based on studies and speculation. The NIMBY crowd does not know the difference between RF used for cellular vs broadcast tv, ham radio, cb or whatever. In fact most are looking for any excuse to ban wireless towers which they view as an eyesore and decreasing their precious property values.

So you can bet that if there is a conclusive study linking RF to cancer that there will immediately be a movement to ban as much RF as possible. You can then kiss broadcast TV and ham radio goodbye. I'm not ready to let that happen.


Closed mindedness is the reason I don't participate here much any more....

Signals below 1,000 MHz. are not as harmful as the true microwave signals starting near 1,000 MHz, and we all have a microwave in our kitchens. Don't they cook meat? Mine does, but maybe yours is different !!!

You are just addicted to your Smart Phone, and are to closed minded to admit that these things may not be 100% safe. What if we are frying the brains of several generations of younger people, and we may not know the effects of it for many years... can you say asbestos, or leaded paint or leaded gasoline? I can..............

You Tube videos related to the Cell Phone Industry by FOX TV..

My 10G Smart Phone.wmv - YouTube My 10G Smart Phone

Cell Phone Straight Talk.wmv - YouTube Cell Phone Straight Talk
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Here are several new stories about what is happening in DTV land. 2 stories on the new IP based Emergency Alert System being hacked, and a technical article about co-channel interference after the FCC steals even more of the broadcast spectrum from TV Broadcasters, and gives it away to Broadband for a mere song.

All stories from TV Technology magazine. The premier source for TV Broadcasting news and tech articles.

Links to Hacking stories...............
TVTechnology: EAS Hack has Engineers on Alert

TVTechnology: FEMA Says IPAWS Not Breached in EAS Hack

Link to Co-channel interference issues technical article........
TVTechnology: DTV Interference and Its Mitigation After Repacking
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Big Telecom Giants profit from the sale of "OUR RADIO SPECTRUM" while the country is in a downward economic spiral.

TVTechnology: Verizon Completes 700 MHz Sales

Deborah D. McAdams / 02.15.2013 03:37PM
Verizon Completes 700 MHz Sales

A and B block licenses sold to rural carriers

NEW YORK -- Verizon Wireless has completed three 700 MHz A and B block spectrum sales in accordance with the regulatory terms of its deal to acquire AWS spectrum from Comcast. Nortex Communications and Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc. closed on their respective purchases this week. Colorado Valley Communications completed its purchase on Jan. 16, 2013.

Nortex Communications, based in Muenster, Texas, acquired the Texas RSA 6-Jack 700 MHz lower B block license, which covers a four-county area northwest of Dallas. Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc., based in Guymon, Okla., acquired the Texas RSA 2-Hansford 700 MHz lower B block license, which covers 12 counties in the northwest part of Texas. Colorado Valley Communications purchased a partitioned A block license covering a five-county area in the Houston market.

Verizon Wireless purchased the spectrum licenses in the 2008 auction of 108 MHz of TV spectrum relinqished after the digital transition. The carrier moved to sell the spectrum after securing an agreement to purchase 122 Advanced Wireless Service 2 GHz licenses from Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks. The Federal Communications Commission allowed the 700 MHz license sale as a condition of the AWS 2 GHz acquisition.

Verizon Wireless subsequently signed agreements with seven companies, including one national carrier, five rural or regional carriers and one minority-owned firm. To date, three purchases have been completed and four remain pending. Verizon said it has 20 rural operators lined up to lease its 700 MHz C block spectrum through its LTE in Rural America leasing program.

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