Interesting Tropo Catch

My DTVPal DVR occasionally performs channel scans on its own. I was surprised with one of the stations it caught overnight, WDBJ of Roanoke, VA, which is about 260 miles SSE of my home in Salem, OH. Salem is midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. My old style Channel Master 4228 was pointed toward Cleveland at the time of the catch, meaning the signal was received on the backside corner of the antenna. I'm not surprised at the distance of the catch; however, I am surprised my receiver caught it with my antenna pointed toward Cleveland. WDBJ transmits on rf channel 18. information on Roanoke stations HERE.



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I have a DTVpal converter, and its the only box / tuner I have that does a scan by itself. Good / bad, I haven't decided that yet. Sometimes it will drop a channel thats just temporarily off air, and I'll have to scan / add when it comes back on if it doesn't do its own scan. On the plus side, it will catch that occasional tropo I may miss otherwise (not that I've ever seen tropo here!) and as soon as I get a new channel I'll know within a day or two.


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Hehe, very nice, indeed. Hello from the Roanoke market! :)

And N2RJ is correct, I worked there for a summer. Great place. Wound up spending some time with FOX TV that summer, too. :D

- Trip
MrPogi, my DTVPal DVR doesn't drop channels when it scans on its own. I'm surprised the DTVPal converter box does. Trip, you're fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of the country. My wife and I took a drive along Skyline Drive 10 years ago and also spent time in Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley.

I live in Dover Ohio and have a dish network converter box with a vcr timer. Over the weekend and using a XG 91 I was enjoying WKBN Youngstown Oh station which is 27.1 virtual and 41 real. A small station out of Loudonville/Wooster Ohio station which is virtual 51.4 and real 27 (Hazen Ministries) came in on my dish network converter box and messed up the vcr timer which I set for WKBN Virtual 27. Now I have WKBN as 074-01 and this WIVX as 27.1. My dish network converter has never been confused like this before, has anyone else had this happen to them?
Stan, that's a known problem with Dish receivers. Delete the channels in the 70s, and delete the Hazen channels and rescan. Dish receivers will perform nondestructive scans if you need to point your antenna in different directions.