Intermittent packet loss - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Intermittent packet loss", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. About 3 days ago I started to get some pretty nasty packet loss and noticed that the only "solution" was to reset my modem. The issue would go away for about 1-2 hours and return until I restarted my modem again. I ran speedtests and found out that my download and upload speeds were completley off (normally 100/10):

Pinging google also resulted in tons of packet loss (left it open overnight and had about 40% dropped packets):

The issue briefly went away but has returned. This is a log of my modem after restarting it 10 minutes ago. I will update this post with the log if I begin dropping packets again.

Spectrum claims they do see the issue on their end as well and will be sending a technician, but I'd also like to get a second opinion before that happens.

Intermittent packet loss?