Intermittent packet loss - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Intermittent packet loss", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Good day all!

400x25mbps service

SB6183 modem

HP Server serving a pfsense vm for routing/firewall

windows server 2019 for local dhcp/dns/domain services

ubiquiti 24 port switch

The issue i have been seeing a lot lately is random packet loss throughout the day. Sometimes it can be 8/10 good packet test and sometimes it can be as bad as 0/10. When it is bad it can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a full minute. About a year ago I was having the same issue and after many long phone conversations and plenty of tech visits replacing lines the final answer was a failing server in the headend. I am now having the same issue as before and cant imagine there could be another failing server. I think it might have to do with power levels but wanted to hear your opinions first. I have also always had a ton of critical errors in the event log on the modem and was hoping someone could help explain them and if they were to be a cause for concern. I am a senior systems and networking engineer by trade so dont be afraid to use the big words. Thank you all!

EDIT: To clarify there is only internet at this location and it is a direct connection from the drop to the modem. Total length of cable from drop to modem is approximately 10 ft.




Intermittent packet loss?

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