Is a dish a dish. More specifically, can I use a Dish Network dish with Directv recei

Ok here it is. I unfortunately have to switch from DN to DTV. When I go camping in my RV I take another DN dish with me to get a signal and don't have to bother the fixed one on my roof. So, now that I am switching providers, I would like to know if I can continue to use the DN dish that I own with a DTV receiver. The way I see it is, a dish is a dish. Besides when I've looked in RV supply catologues in the past they advertise mobile dish 's that are compatible with both providers. Thanks folks.


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The dish itself, yes. The LNBs, probably not. You might want to look for someone who has dumped DTV, and offer to remove their dish for free or buy it for a small price. Or try Ebay. Sometime second hand stores, too.

In fact, I have a DTV World Direct (the big oval dish) thats set up for SD (NOT HD) and TFC Direct (the filipino channel) just sitting in my yard. I've got two SD DTV receivers collecting dust. I'm sure the dish is too big for your RV, but they're out there, just look.
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