Is Amazon Instant Video Still Gaining on Netflix?

While Netflix may have been one of the first and to many, the best at streaming movies and television shows, they have been giving up some space in their lead to other companies. Since Netflix became a hit with subscribers tired of paying $30 for a night out at the movies, companies like Hulu Plus, Flixster, HBO Go and Amazon Instant Video have entered the same business and are looking to take over as the best. It hasn't been until this year that any other companies have been making up ground in the competition, but in the case of Amazon Instant Video, they are heading in the right direction.

In the past several months, Amazon has been adding original programming as well as taking away distributors that used to be with Netflix. A few months ago, the company announced that they were picking up five shows to be aired exclusively on their service including Alpha House. It is a comedy starring former Roseanne star, John Goodman. Goodman is one of four politicians the show is based in Washington, D.C. With Goodman in the cast, it gives the series and the service more credibility than any other show could give them.
In addition to the Goodman comedy, the internet streaming service also added Betas, another comedy; and three children's series, Annebots, Tumbleaf and Creative Galaxy.

Another move the company did in their attempt to keep up with or pass the moves made by Amazon and Hulu Plus was sign Viacom away from Netflix. Just days after leaving Netflix, Viacom announced that they were moving to the new company, providing them with some of the most popular children and comedy shows. Among the new offerings will be SpongeBob Square Pants, Blue's Clues and Tosh.O.

When it comes to Amazon attempting to keep up with Netflix, the signing of Viacom is a major step up. Netflix recently signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation giving them more than 300 hours of original programming and Viacom switching over to Amazon will give them access to shows from Comedy Central and Nickelodeon to compete with their opponents' deal. Ultimately, Amazon would like to add the most popular show on Comedy Central, The Daily Show, to their schedule, but that show is currently involved in a deal with Hulu Plus.

It wouldn't be shocking to see Amazon overtake Hulu Plus as the second leading internet streaming service, but they still have a lot of work to do to surpass Netflix. For many people, Netflix is easier to use, but if Amazon continues to steal some clients and find some original hits of their own, it could make this battle an interesting one to follow through 2014.


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I find Amazon Prime a good alternative to Hulu Plus. I am not big on the current trash called new shows on TV, but many movies I wanted to watch were not on Netflix. But Amazon has them. And it's less than $7 a month with tax. Plus I probably order 4 to 8 times a year from Amazon. So free 2nd day air shipping alone pays this bill. Plus with Amazon if you get something that doesn't work (happens more than once in a while), they pay the shipping back and send UPS to your door! Now with Hulu up for sale for real, even more reason to just use Netflix and Amazon Prime.