Is verizon FiOS Internet fast?



Is FiOS really faster than cable Internet speeds or DSL? Does anyone have the service and have you run any speed tests?


Here's Verizon's take on broadband speeds from other service providers compared to their service:

From what I've seen on various forums, people seem to be generally happy with FiOS and download speeds.


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Here are the FiOS plans. FiOS, due to its fiber to the home technology, has a distinct advantage over cable and DSL's fiber to the node technologies. Cable speeds are dependent on the number of people on your network (which is why the speed drops during peak hours) and DSL speeds are limited by the distance to the Central Office.


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Had no idea FiOS had uploads speeds above 15Mbps. Wish it were available where I'm at!
Yeah their upload speeds kick ass. Cable can reliably only do up to 10 Mbps up with current standards. They have stuff in the lab that can do about 150mbps up but not deployed anywhere afaik. Verizon can do gig and beyond.

Fiber to the home is where it's headed, either that or wireless. Comcast has a 300mbps tier that is FTTH.
If you are a Verizon FiOS High Speed Internet customer, you can use Verizon's online tools to optimize your broadband speed. You can use Verizon's speed tester to check before and after results to make sure your speed really did get faster. If not, you can easily go back to your old settings.


I have had Fios for a couple of years now. It has only slowed down a couple of times. I used the online assistant thing to let the tech see my system. He would run a speed test, read the results, and make some kind of tweak in the router. More recently Verizon has been offering faster speeds but people are saying you won't be able to tell the difference unless you have multiple computers that are lagging the system. The average user with typical equipment cannot take advantage of the speed. I did not sign up for it since my systems work fine now. I transfer video for work and also watch Netflix a lot. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for Netflix to buffer HD but it is always good quality.