Is Your TVGOS functioning properly?

Is your TVGOS functioning properly

  • Yes, my TVGOS is functioning properly and I've never had any problems with it

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  • Yes, my TVGOS is functioning properly, but I have had problems with it before

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  • No, my TVGOS is not working right now

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My TVGOS has been coming through DirecTV, but has completely quit (no host channel) since about 2 or 3 weeks ago. My Panasonic DVR searched unsuccessfully for a host channel but can no longer find it, though it does find the time signal. I haven't looked at the diagnostics recently but last I looked there was no host channel showing, and thus no channel list or program listings anymore. Nobody (and I do mean NOBODY) at DirecTV knows anything about TVGOS, but they have been broadcasting analog TVGOS continually (not counting a few brief hiccups) since a few years before the big digital switchover. Guess it's time to write to Macrovision's successor again about DirecTV killing off TVGOS.


Hey, sorry all -- I should have posted something a little more pertinent to the previous message. Actually before my TVGOS quit completely, there were a couple of weeks of partial listings just like DScreen posted, though I cannot verify exactly which days were updated. I'm gonna assume that DScreen does not use DirecTV to get his/her TVGOS. This makes me conclude that the problem lies with Rovi (TVGOS owners/broadcasters) rather than with the individual TVGOS providers -- DirecTV (in my case) or with DScreen's provider.

I did write to Rovi tech support yesterday about the lack of TVGOS broadcasts, but they typically don't respond for at least a couple of weeks, so I don't expect a response any time soon. I have not checked around yet, but suspect that the analog broadcasts may have finally ceased completely. My Panasonic with its TVGOS V9 firmware, should be able to at least detect digital TVGOS broadcasts if it sees them, but the lack of a Host Channel indicates that it's not finding any TVGOS at all.
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