Issues with DHCP on wifi with TC8715D - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Issues with DHCP on wifi with TC8715D", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I was recently moved to a TC8715D by a TWC/Spectrum tech, and due to the setup of my home network I had to disable the DHCP LAN server. I have my own DHCP server which is working fine for my wired clients. Wireless clients connecting to the TC8715D are not getting their DHCP broadcasts forwarded to the LAN, and as such are never able to get an IP Address. I have tested with an external AP and all works fine for them, it is only clients that connect to the TC8715D that are impacted. This configuration worked fine for my previous Arris TG1672G. I have verified with packet captures that the broadcasts are being transmitted by the client, but are never seen by the DHCP server.

This topic covered Issues with DHCP on wifi with TC8715D, and TWC cable internet service.

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