It's GARY!! WOOT! :D


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Hello all, I've been enjoying so many things around this forum... I'd like to introduce myself here at this forum. My name is Gary, 21 years of age, live in Toronto, Ontario (in the country of Canada). Anyways you can welcome me all you want here, but I'm already welcomed by all the fast responses and friendly people I've already met around the forums here. So anyways, I'd like to welcome all the new members as well.

A great forum this is!


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Woot. Ho Gary. I am enjoying this forum too. It seems we like similar tv shows. because I see your name in the threads I am reading.


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Yeah, I've seen you in some of the other threads I've been posting in.

Thanks for the warm welcome, and so I'm guessing you either live in Canada or the United States of America? So what exactly are your favourite type of shows? You can drop me off a PM, and give me some introductions about yourself ^^


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Hello there Gary, it's very nice of you to join us in the wonderful forum.

Reading your posts is a good time-killer, thanks for all the interesting thoughts and ideas that you're contributing to make this forum better! Hope you enjoy your stay, and make it a long one! :D