Iview 100MHB ATSC And ATSC M/H Tuner Receiver For Mobile


This looks interesting. I will see if I can find the price and any reviews.

IVIEWUS - Digital Converter Box (ATSC and ATSC M/H Tuner Receiver for Mobile )

ATSC and ATSC M/H Tuner Receiver for Mobile


* Receiving and Presenting Audio/Video Formats Contained in ATSC A / 53E and A/153
* Support 4:3 and 16:9 Video Format
* Process and Display ATSC A/65C Program and System Information Protocol data
* Receiving RF Channels 2 through 69 inclusive
* Include a Female 75 ohm F-Type Connector for VHF / UHF Antenna Input
* 3 Composite Video and Stereo Audio Output
* Support Channel Display, Closed Caption and channel information
* Support External IR receiver
* Wide range power input from 5V to 36V for car, truck and RV use
* VHF/UHF RF Input 47MHz~862MHz

Tuner Spec:

• ATSC + ATSC M/H Silicon Tuner
• Band width- 6Mhz
• Band: VHF: 47MHz ~ 230MHz, UHF:470MHz ~ 862MHz
• Modulated Method: 8VSB / AVSB
• Antenna Type: F connector
• RF sensitivity: '-83dBm (ATSC) / -96dBm (ATSC M/H)


• User Manual
• Remote Control
• External IR input cable ( Remote eye )
• DC adaptor ( cigarette lighter adapter )

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Unit Dimension:
Unit Weight:
Case Pack:

Case Dimension:
Case Weight:
Export Carton(G.W.):
Unit Per 20"/30"/40" HQ:


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Interesting find. But I can't locate a user manual (Is it 120v AC? Is it 12v ONLY DC?) and I can't find a place to buy it. It appears that it hasn't been released yet.
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