Jail breaking

I'm not sure there is a good reason to 1 - Attempt it, 2 - If its even possible...the main complaint with Apple devices (and subsequently requiring them to be jailbroken), is how tight of control Apple keeps on their products and their developers. Problem with jailbreaking; however, is you void all warranties with Apple and open yourself up to potentially malicious characters.
Jailbreaking lets you use "non-approved" software on a device. For power users, this can make the device (most commonly referred to with regards to the various Apple produced iDevices) more "usable." For average users, it is not necessarily worth the effort to do so unless you have a friend or family member who can help guide you through the process.
When I lived overseas, we would have a number of friends bring their iPhones from the States and fail to get them unlocked...they would commonly turn to the jailbreak option in order to buy sim cards overseas to use...what is ironic is if you buy an iPhone in most overseas locations the device is already unlocked...then the decision is if you really need the software offered by Cydia or not.
Y eah, I notice ebay has a section for unlocked phones and apple of course is the top seller.. I have always been skeptical about that though.. I mean I would like to know the best price for phones and service ..but who doesn't? But are those unlocked devices really ok?


The unlocked devices from older version iPhones up to iPhone five are okay to use, if it is a factory unlock. If it is a software unlock than you may be open door to malicious things. An unlocked iPhone gives you the freedom to use it anywhere around the world, and similarly, if there are more benefits in unlocking a ROKU, then why not?
Yeah Agreed! I was looking into getting a iphone back at Christmas but decided it wasn't worth it. I mostly use browser and was tethering my old Samsung phone and they cut that feature and so I finally just invested in the data features..
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