Jane and Finch


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So what's this big deal about Jane and Finch? There's been a lot of shootings there in the past, and Toronto, I'm guessing, isn't the "safest" city in Canada, but I've heard from a LOT of people that Jane and Finch is actually pretty dangerous. So what's the deal, why do all the "ghetto" people live there? Is there like a set rule that only poor people are to live there, lol?


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Well not to be stereotypical or anything, but there's lots of dangerous black people that live there, and I'm not entirely sure of the reason why, but I wouldn't risk going there. My friend said he parked one of his bikes in the bars with a lock, and the minute he came back from the ice cream store nearby, both his tires has been popped and the seat got jacked LOL.


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Yeah I heard that place is dangerous as hell as well, and that's coming from someone that lives like 3000 miles away from there.. all the way from across the country. I wouldn't even want to visit there, but I'm guessing it's not -that- dangerous there right? Like you don't get shot the second you step in those roads? :p