Judge Judy is the Plaintiff!


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"Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better," Sheindlin said in a written statement.
How could an attorney NOT know that using her image in advertising without permission is NOT legal?


Oh, I know... Been to a few court rooms myself... But, I wouldn't want to tango with her just because 1. She is a batty old lady who, I personally think that if pushed could basically chuck something at you and most likely hit were ever she is aiming. and 2. Most old ladies just don't care who they make mad or even really watch what they say. I personally think its because they are old and think "Well I am old what can anyone really do to me?"

But on another note, I think everyone, including people who are not lawyers, know that you cannot use someones image without permission....


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That's why his goose is cooked, I think. More than likely, he's just hoping the PR brings him curiosity seeking clients and/or he figured she wouldn't want the publicity and never would take him to court.


Yeah, I feel like this could be a publicity stunt.
If not, then go Judge Judy! She doesn't need the money (if you haven't seen her house, google it), so that donation thing is a swell idea. I hope she's legitimate without the gavel, it'll probably be difficult to keep her cool while someone else is in charge.
A real courtroom functions a lot differently than Judge Judy's courtroom. I hope she hasn't forgotten that!
Small claims court? Yeah, it functions a hellovalot worse! 100 cases a day is not unusual in many states. And you better believe the judge is king. Judge doesn't like the way you look, poof! yer gone. You may not get to say a word.

Longer trials are no better. Juries are not allowed to hear many relevant facts, IMO. Got a court appointed lawyer? Might as well move south of the border where they have chaos, but at least they KNOW it!

Anyone who thinks we have a good justice system in this country should read "The Defense Never Rests" by F. Lee Bailey.



I personally, think that the justice system really stinks! Now as far as lawyers go, they are some of the most brutal people I know. With the lying and other crap they do just to win... No offense to any lawyers on here... Just don't like them. There is actually a little story I read a while back. It was about God and the devil. Basically God said that he was going to sue the Devil and the Devil asked " Where are you going to find a lawyer up there?" It was actually funny.