Just buying the converter box yourself


Has anyone here just bought the converter box yourself instead of waiting for a subsidy coupon from the government? I would like to know the thoughts on doing this. Is it just much easier to do it and forget about the coupon?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I did this about a month ago after already using two of the coupons up earlier in the year.

You can just purchase a converter box without ordering a coupon (and waiting), but you lose out on the $40 savings from the converter coupon. For people who have (2) tvs to upgrade, that's a savings of $80 on two converter boxes...

I can't imagine that this is a popular option (even for folks in a rush), especially with the transition to digital television still months away.


I guess if you really want the savings. But at some point when they no longer have coupons I would imagine that people will have to know about how much they cost so they can plan to get one or will know if it comes down to the last minute.

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